Monday, January 18, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 8

Continuing through the Ks and Ls:

"The Immortal Kane <Tubal-Cain, Vandar Ang, Vandal Savage>, ancestor of Doctor Septimus Pretorius."
Once again, a theory not supported by any article.

"Countess Mircalla Karnstein <Carmilla>, mother to Emmeline Lestrange by Richard Lestrange."
A decidedly random connection, in my opinion.

"Charles, husband to Helen Kent (last name unknown), brother of Alan Kent, ancestor of the American Kents."
See Kane's entry above.

"Sherman Klump "
This has long been one of the most puzzling conflations on the list for me. Sherman Klump is African-American and morbidly obese, whereas Julius Kelp is Caucasian and lanky. Besides, Dennis Power once again has a different theory as to the connection between the two.

"Seymour Krelboyne, husband of Audry Fulquard."
See the above article for an alternate theory about Little Shop of Horrors.

"Walter E. Kurtz (Col.), great grandson to Georges-Antoine Kurtz."
While I do think there is likely a family connection between the two, this has not been established in any article.

"Father Loomis, twin brother to Samuel J. Loomis."
While this is certainly probable (and Donald Pleasence played a government agent named Loomis in the film Innocent Bystanders who could be a third sibling), once again, this theory has not appeared in an article as yet.

"Lena, daughter of David Luthor and an unnamed mother; wife of Tim Spencer, mother of Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer and Barbara Jean Spencer."
A different theory has been espoused about Lena Spencer.

To be continued.

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