Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 7

Sorry I've been inactive the past couple days. Moving on to the letters I and J:

"Igor II <Koukol>, servant to Count Von Krolock."
Kougol being Igor is not supported by any article.

"Benjamin January, great-grandfather of Joe January."
Benjamin January is African-American, while Joe January is played by John Wayne, who is decidedly Caucasian. Unless there were interracial marriages in one or more of the intervening generations, this is exceedingly unlikely.

"Howard "Henry", son of Edwina Hyde and Howard Spenser."
While Dennis Power has included Howard Jekyll in his article on the descendants of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, he does not identify him with the Dr. Jekyll portrayed by Paul Massie.

"Marie Henrietta (ca. 1886 - ?), daughter of Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde and Mary Reilly."
To the best of my knowledge, Valerie Martin's novel Mary Reilly has not been Wolded.

"Richard (Dr.) , grandson of Edward Jekyll."
Again, Dennis Power does not incorporate the film Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde into his article on the descendants of Jekyll and Hyde.

"Silver John (1927 - ?), descendant to Long John Silver."
Jess Nevins has a different theory as to Silver John's ancestry.

"Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead", son of Timothy Jones and grandnephew of Fetlock Jones."
Brad Mengel's article "Watching the Detectives" in Myths for the Modern Age does not included Jughead in the Jones family.

"Gullivar, great uncle to Indiana Jones."
Again, not stated in any article, and contrary to Dennis Power and Peter Coogan's theory as to Gullivar Jones' true identity.

"Jupiter, is later abandoned and becomes an inbred cannibal and forms his own community in the desert."
The Jupiter Jones in Mengel's article is from The Three Investigators series of juvenile novels, not Jupiter from The Hills Have Eyes. Once again, Henry Covert has a different theory as to Jupiter's genealogy.

Part 8 will be up tomorrow.

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