Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 6

Today, I'm offering a twofer: both the entries starting with G and H will be covered.

"Lord Gandrith, son of Jack the Ripper and half-brother to Doc Caliban."
This character's name is actually spelled Grandrith.

"Gilles de Rais <Bluebeard> (1404 – 1440), husband to Red Riding Hood"
I have no idea what inspired that speculation, and it seems random even by the standards of this list.

"Joe Gilmore <Marshal Law>"
Marshal Law explicitly takes place in an alternate future overrun with superbeings created as soldiers in a war with South America in the 21st Century, which seems difficult to reconcile with what we know of the WNU's future as outlined in the various Star Trek series, among others.

"Jake 'J.J' Gittes, related to Dick Tracy and Sam Spade."
Another theory not supported by any article.

"Artemus, father of Walter Gordon and Clifford Gordon by __?__ Blythe, great great grandfather of Commissioner James Worthington Gordon."
Those who have read Mark K. Brown's article "The Magnificent Gordons" (which the family grouping for the Gordons draws on) know that Mark identified the Commissioner as Arte's grandson, not his great-great-grandson.

"Charles George General Gordon of Khartoum> (1833 – 1885), father of James Gordon and Hugh Gordon by his wife Antonia Drummond; descendant of Orion Gordon and Robert Glenmore, Earl of Dalbright."
Mark says that his Charles Gordon is born in 1786. Apparently, there was a misreading of the sentence where Mark says that General Gordon was related to the Gordons under discussion.

"Raymond "Flash" (1911 - ?), son of Stanley Gordon and Caroline Jones; future descendant of Artemus Gordon, father of Richard "Rick" Gordon by his wife Dale Arden."
One wonders if the author of this entry bothered to double-check it, since he follows the continuity of the animated series Defenders of the Earth by placing Flash's exploits in the future and utilizing Rick Gordon, yet also follows Mark in placing Flash's birth in 1911.

"Richard "Rick" Gordon, son of Raymond "Flash" Gordon and Dale Arden."
A trilogy of articles by Art Bollmann, Greg Gick, and David Kennedy have been written regarding the Defenders of the Earth in the WNU.

"Gordon Gray (ca. 1935 - ?), biological father of Laura Webber Spencer; son of Penelope Alice Clayton , by an unnamed father."
As previously mentioned, this is not in any article, and Henry Z. Covert is planning a different genealogy for Gordon and Laura. Also, Philip Jose Farmer and Win Scott Eckert's novel The Evil in Pemberley House establishes that Nellie married her fellow Justice Inc. member Algernon Heathcote "Smitty" Smith.

"John Hawley (Dr.) <The Invisible Man>, husband of Rebecca Gray and the father of John Stuart Griffin, Robert Frederick Griffin, Francis Drake Griffin, and estranged father of William Carpenter by ravage of Polly Whittier."
According to Dennis E. Power's articles on the Griffin family, William Carpenter's mother was actually Rebecca Randall.

"Katrina "Kerry" <Kitty Carroll, Mary Storm>, mother of Susan Storm by Richard Russell and Jonathan Storm by Franklin Storm."
The above articles identify Kerry Griffin and Kitty Carroll as two different people.

"Nick Halloway, descendant of John Hawley Griffin."
Nor does the Griffin family series identify this character as a member, or mention him at all.

"Maximillian Henry (unknown connection to the Henry's) soul-clone of Dracula."
Dennis Power, the man who constructed the Henry genealogy in the first place, has a different theory as to Maximillian's identity.

"Luda Mae Hewitt, mother to Robert Sawyer, Edward Sawyer, William Sawyer and Drayton Sawyer by __?__ Sawyer."
Again, my colleague Henry Covert has a genealogy for the Sawyers quite different from this.

"Jenny Hill, wife of Sigerson Holmes, grandmother of Geoffrey Weston, descendant of Fanny Hill."
Apparently, the author did not bother to read Myths for the Modern Age (although perhaps we've already established that), as Brad Mengel's article "Watching the Detectives" was revised to accommodate statements in the Baker Street Mysteries series that in fact Mycroft Holmes was Weston's grandfather, and instead identified Val McDiarmid's hero Dr. Tony Hill as Sigi and Jenny's grandson.

"Dorothy, mother of Martin Hewitt, Honoria Holmes, and Elizabeth Holmes."
Mr. Mengel never says that Honoria and Elizabeth had a different surname than their brother.

"Raffles, father of John Mannering by his first wife with the last name of Mannering and husband of Laura Fauntley; father of Creighton Holmes; son of Sherlock Holmes and Marjorie Raffles, grandson of A.J. Raffles."
As the link shows, Raffles Holmes being A.J.'s grandson was untenable, and Win Eckert instead proposed that he was A.J.'s nephew.

"Penelope "Nell" Huxleigh"
Win Eckert has ruled that Carole Nelson Douglas' series of novels about Irene Adler are not part of WNU continuity.

To be continued tomorrow.


Unknown said...

On Bluebeard's marriage to Little Red Riding Hood: The speculation is based on the Fables comic book, but the premise is entirely wrong. In the comic, Bluebeard was briefly married to Rose Red (Snow White's sister, from "Snow White and Rose Red") in the beginning story, not to Little Red Riding Hood, who appears later and was actually attached to Little Boy Blue.

Unknown said...


Never doubt that you have both the instincts & talents of a scholar!