Monday, January 11, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 4

Now we reach the letter D:

"Christine Daaé, daughter of Erique Caludin by Christine DuBois, and mother of Dr. Anton Phibes by an unknown gentleman."
Once again the research of Dennis Power is disregarded.

"Abednego Danner (Professor), father of Hugo Danner by his unnamed wife."
Presumably the author of this entry has not read Gladiator, as Abednego's wife's name is given as Mathilda.

"Daniel McGregor Dare (Col.), cousin to Biggles."
This information is not reflected in any article. Also, Dan Dare's adventures clearly take place in a late 20th Century very different from our own.

"Ruth DeWitt Bukater, mother of Rose DeWitt Bukater, and great grandmother of Lizzy Calvert."
I am fairly certain (or least hoping) that Titanic has not been Wolded yet.

"Madeleine Delacroix, wife of William Frankenstein I and mother of Alphonse Victor Frankenstein. (It is uncertain whether Madeleine is related to Monique.)"
I had always assumed, based on the fact that Mark Brown's article dealing with the Frankenstein family implies that Madeleine is also Swiss, that that was exactly what he was suggesting. Also, her husband is William Frankenstein II.

"André Delambre <David Hedison>"
I am uncertain why they seem to be conflating the protagonist of "The Fly" with the actor who played him in the film version.

"Antonio Carlos "Carlito" de la Vega <El Mariachi II>, father to Vincent de la Vega and Victor de la Vega by Carolina Gómez, half-brother to Manuel "Bucho" de la Cruz."
J. Walker Bryson has already researched the Vega brother's genealogy. Also, Matthew Baugh has refined much of his Vega family research in "The Legacy of the Fox: A Chronology of Zorro", to be found in the anthology Myths for the Modern Age: Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe (Win Scott Eckert [ed.])

"Aradia di Toscano, an ancestorial influence to the Spellmans and Lenoxs."
What, exactly, is "an ancestorial [sic] influence"?

"Eliza Doolittle, wife to Henry Higgins and niece of John Dolittle, mother of Vernon Higgins, grandmother of Elvira Higgins."
Mark Brown's piece "From Pygmalion to Casablanca: The Genealogy of Henry Higgins", found in the aforementioned Myths for the Modern Age", argues that Eliza is Dr. Dolittle's cousin, not niece.

"Count Vladimir Dracula <Vlad III Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, D. D. Denham, Dracula Prime> (1431 – 1476?)"
Chuck Loridans has identified the Dracula portrayed by Christoper Lee (who used the alias D.D. Denham in The Satanic Rites of Dracula) as a soul-clone of the original.

"Phillip, great grandson of Hugh Drummond."
This is unlikely considering that Hugh was born in the 1890s and the Wikipedia page places Phillip's birth in 1931.

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