Friday, January 8, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 2

Moving through the letter B:

"C.D. Bales, descendant of Cyrano de Bergerac."
While Cyrano de Bergerac does appear in the WNU via crossover, the movie Roxanne has not been incorporated, as far as I know.

"Robert Bruce Banner (Dr.) <David Bruce Banner>, husband to Elizabeth Ross Talbot."
The only article dealing with the David Bruce Banner portrayed by Bill Bixby on TV has him as Robert Bruce Banner's cousin, rather than the same person.

"Patrick (c. 1962 - ?), brother of Sean Bateman and father of Patrick Bateman Jr. by Jean (last name unknown). The Batemans are related to the Bates family."
No Wold Newton articles to my knowledge deal with either the Bateman or Bates families.

"Johnny , cousin of Thomas Bates."
This is the same Johnny Bates who destroyed most of London at the end of Alan Moore's run on Marvelman, correct? That seems to be at odds with a number of works from the '80s onwards set in that city.

"Jack Bauer"
Again, 24 has a number of details (such as different Presidents) that make it problematic at best.

"Rick Blaine, father to an estranged child with Ilsa Lund, cousin to Sam Malone; descendant to the Carters."
Rick Blaine is cousin to Sam Malone from Cheers? Because they're both bar owners, I guess? That seems a weak basis for a connection.

"Anita, unknown relation."
Anita Blake seems to operate in a world where the existence of vampires is publicly known, which again does not square with most stories dealing with the undead in the WNU.

"Daphne, niece of Captain Francis Percy Blake."
There is already an article by Dennis Power that gives an alternative genealogy for Daphne Blake and her teammates.

"Bela Blasko , son of Maleva Blasko by the Beast of GĂ©vaudan, and theriomorph who passed on his condition to Lawrence Milo Talbot and Lawrence Stewart Talbot. Father to Leon Corledo by an unknown Spanish servant girl."
Power also has a different candidate for Leon's father.

"James Bond (1920 - ?), father of Clive Reston Beauregard by Violet "Shrinking" Holmes, father of Alex Rider by Honeychile Rider, and James Suzuki by Kissy Suzuki, father to a daughter by Teresa Draco."
Chronologically, 007 being Alex Rider's grandfather is more feasible. There has never been any indication, whether by Ian Fleming, his successors, or Wold Newton scholars, that Bond and Teresa had any children.

"Father (first name unknown), uncle to Tom Brown and descendant of Young Goodman Brown."
Again, the chronological placement is unlikely. Tom Brown being Father Brown's uncle is somewhat more plausible. Also, two pastiches on Win Scott Eckert's Crossover Chronology give Father Brown's first name as John and Paul respectively: Eckert suggests that his full name was John Paul Brown as a means of reconciling the conflicting information.



Sean Levin said...

Re: Bela Blasko, I forgot to mention that Chuck Loridans gives a different account of HIS paternity as well:

Sorry, Chuck, I definitely didn't mean to snub your phenomenal work!

Win Scott Eckert said...

Simply brilliant, Sean.

Dennis E. Power said...

Keep up the good work. You have more patience than I. My head spin just trying to read that list much less prune out the bogus elements, many of which demonstrate not merely a lack of familiarity with the wold newton text but with the source material. The assertion that Tracy Bond had a daughter demonstrates this fact.

Sean Levin said...

Thanks, Win and Dennis. Having two Wold Newton scholars of your caliber respond favorably to my efforts is very flattering.

Win Scott Eckert said...

The assertion that Tracy Bond had a daughter with Bond does indeed, as you say Dennis, demonstrates a lack of familiarity with the source material. Either that or monumental stupidity. Or both. Bond met Tracy in September 1961. She died on Jan. 1, 1962. Unless Blofeld used some top-secret gestational accelerator on her, a daughter with Bond is physically impossible.

Unknown said...
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Sean Levin said...

Sorry, I was signed in under the wrong name...good catch, Win!