Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 10

"Pandora, ancestor of all Wold Newton survivors."
Yet again, a theory not stated in any article. Is the author trying to make a statement about the Wold Newton meteor strike metaphorically opening Pandora's box?

"__?__ Payne, the unknown father to Max Payne and Nelson Payne by an unknown French woman. Both children were put up for adoption and taken in by different families, however they retained their last names."
It's been a while since I saw it, but I don't remember any character named Payne in Band of Outsiders.

Neptune Perkins , son of Arthur Gordon Pym, by an unnamed woman."
Dennis Power's article on Namor follows the comics in naming his mother Fen.

"Septimus Pretorius (Dr.) (c. 1400 - present), father of Johann Georg Faust by a German Countess and Count Orlok through the vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathory, creator of the The Borrowers race as well as the miniature Dracula soul-clone Vlad the Drac, also the mentor to Grigory Rasputin and Henry Frankenstein. Pretorius is one of the few characters that have managed to acquire the Lazarus Effect also known as the Fountain of Youth, other members include: Juan Ponce de León, Grigory Rasputin, Count St. Germain, Lazarus Long, Ra's al Ghul, Fu Manchu, Indiana Jones and Roland."
Virtually all of this is made-up.

"S. Quentin Quale (Dr.) <Doctor Satan>, of unknown relation to the Firefly family."
House of 1,000 Corpses never states or even implies that Doctor Satan is a blood relation to the Fireflys.

"Allan "Hunter" Quatermain Allan Quatermain Jr.>, father to Branwen Marais by his first wife Marie Marais; and father to Harry Quatermain by his second wife Stella Carson; also second husband to Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and father to an unknown child by Ayesha, She-who-must-be-obeyed. Assumed the identity of Allan Quatermain Jr. after he took a potion that restored his youth and greatly extended his lifespan."
Alan Moore has never portrayed Allan and Mina as having been married. It has never been suggested that he and Ayesha had children.

"Alonso Quijano <Don Quixote de la Mancha, Andre Lafitte>, father of Jean Lafitte by Margaret Silver ."
This contradicts Dennis Power's theories as to Lafitte's ancestry.

"Rasalom , demonic entity that arrived to Earth with the arrival of a primordial meteorite in Romania prior to the Wold Newton meteorite. Often mistaken as Satan or The Devil, enabled the powerful bloodlines amongst the dark families of the Wold Newtonverse. Has assumed several guises in empowering its presence by manipulation throughout time: Avatar of Satan (The Devil), Avatar of Dracula, Mephistopheles, Baphomet, Dr. Philip K. Decker, Rothman."
None of Rasalom's alleged guises are referenced in any article as such.

"John Patrick Ryan (Dr.), father of Jack Ryan Jr."
Once again, the difference in Presidents would suggest that Jack Ryan is not in the WNU.

"Jeremiah "Judd", father to Robert Sawyer, Drayton Sawyer, William Sawyer and Edward Sawyer by Luda Mae Hewitt, father to Vilmer Sawyer by Eve Wilson ; descendant of the Reed/Reid family from the Donner Party on his mother's side."
Henry Covert's upcoming article "Twisted in Texas" proposes a different genealogy for the cannibalistic Sawyer clan of Texas.

"George , (unknown relation to the Sears) 3rd clone of Naked Snake and clone father of Snake Plissken."
Yet again, an unsupported statement.

"David Snake Solid Snake, Cobra Commander, Old Snake>, 1st inferior clone of Naked Snake."
Based on what little I know of Metal Gear Solid or G.I. Joe, I have a hard time believing that Solid Snake and Cobra Commander are the same person.

"Samantha Spellman, mother of Tabitha Stephens and Adam Stephens by Darrin Stephens, cousin of Hilda and Zelda Spellman."
No one has connected Sabrina and Samantha.

"Stephanie St. Clair , child of Jemal David and Topsy St. Claire."
Dennis Power does not mention Stephanie among their descendants.''

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Toby O'B said...

"Once again, the difference in Presidents would suggest that Jack Ryan is not in the WNU."

The POTUS is an anchor for Toobworld as well - because at any time some sitcom might make a joke at the current President's expense, or he gets referenced in some drama, the TV President should always reflect the current Commander in Chief in the real world.

So 'Mr. President', '24', 'West Wing', etc. all would have to be relegated to other TV dimensions.

Occasionally - as was the case with 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', I make the claim that the 'Primeval' reboot of the timeline can adjust the problem of a fictional president.....

Really enjoying the work you're putting into this, Sean!