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Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 3

Continuing through the letter C:

"Matthew <Bill, Snake Charmer>, father of Kwai Chang Caine II, and father of B.B. Kiddo by Beatrix Kiddo."
Ignoring the fact that such a conflation is not mentioned in any article, it also fails to take into account the presence of Bill's younger brother Budd in the Kill Bill movies.

"Doc Caliban, son of Jack the Ripper and half-brother to Lord Gandrith.
James Anthony Caliban "
These are both the same character. Also, why does the latter link lead us to the page for Caliban from The Tempest?

"The Caligaris are all other relatives of a Wold Newton meteor strike survivor. "
This and related entries are among the most puzzling. Before the article was originally deleted, one of the authors, a fellow called "Piecraft", claimed that the info in question came from a German Wold Newton site. However, he did not bother to post a link to the article in question. I suspect that this was a blatant lie.

"Johann Schmidt <Red Skull, John Smith, Dell Rusk>, son of Magnus Caligari by Freida Frankenstein."
Once again, Dennis E. Power has offered a completely different ancestry for the Red Skull.

"Josef Mengele (Dr.) (1911 – 1979?), son of Magnus Caligari by Freida Frankenstein, and father to Rolf Wernher "Strangelove" Schoenbein by Irene Schoenbein, and later two estranged daughters by an Argentine/Dutch woman by the name of Krueger."
Josef Mengele's actual family history is outlined in the wiki page linked to, and frankly I find this speculation to be in rather bad taste.

"Lulu Caligari <Pandora>, daughter of Olivia Lulu Caligari by Schigolch, wife to first husband Dr. Goll, second husband a "painter" (Basil Hallward), and third husband Dr. Schön. She is one of the hapless victims of Jack the Ripper, and possibly the mother of Doc Caliban."
How Lulu could have been the mother of Doc Caliban by Jack the Ripper is beyond me, considering their only encounter ended in him murdering her.

"Magnus , illegitimate son of Doctor Caligari by a woman of unknown origin or name, father of "Die schrecklichen Kinder" (Les Enfants Terribles): Josef Caligari, Johann Caligari and Karl Caligari by Freida Frankenstein, and father of Victor Caligari by Nasthalia Luthor as well as the estranged father of Heinrich Faust-Caligari by Ingrid Faust."
I have no idea where this "Les Enfants Terribles" thing comes from. Also, Dennis Power places Nasthalia Luthor's birth in 1940, making it unlikely, unless time travel was involved, that she is the mother of Dr. Victor Von Doom, who first appeared in the comics in 1962. Furthermore, Power once again has a completely different genealogy for Dr. Doom. The lack of familiarity with the many Wold Newton articles across the web shown by the composers of this list is nothing short of astonishing.

"Robert Faust <Hans Beckert, Doctor Gogol>, escapes Germany to Paris and has an affair with Yvonne Orlac and fathers a son who is later abandoned."
This does not take into account the fact that Mad Love was based on Maurice Renard's Les Mains d'Orlac, in which the doctor who performs the operation is named Cerral. Nor do he and Yvonne have an affair. It is also unlikely that he and Hans Beckert are the same person.

"Abbey Chase <Danger Girl>, sister to Cameron Chase."
Cameron has only one sister in the comics, Terry. David Kennedy has his own theory about Cameron Chase.

"Jonathan Chase (Dr.), father to Walter Chase by Brooke Mackenzie."
Assuming that Jonathan is the same age as the actor who portrayed him, he would have been born in the early '50s. Walter "Acro-Bat" Chase and his teammates in the Justice Experience were stated in the comics to be active in the '70s or '80s.

"Penelope Alice <Nellie Gray> (1919 - ?), mother of Gordon Gray by an unnamed father, grandmother of Laura Webber Spencer."
My friend Henry Zeo Covert is working on a quite different genealogy for Laura Spencer.

"William, father of Angela Clayton by his wife Angela Bridget O'Shaughnessy, father of Ultima Clayton by his wife Jane Brandon, father of Phileas Fogg and Roxana Fogg by his wife Lorina Dacre, father of Fu Manchu by Ling Ju Hai, father of James Moriarty by Josephine Balsamo, father of Paul Finglemore by Josephine Balsamo II, father of John Henry by Bafia (of the Waziri tribe); father of Anne Shirley by Bertha Shirley."
James Moriarty's mother's name is Morcar Moriarty. No article states that Sir William Clayton is Anne Shirley's father.

"Frank Achilles "Buzz" Cooper Sr., son to Archie Andrews by Betty Cooper, adopted by Betty's husband, Dante Kouperakis; half-brother to Dale Cooper, nephew of unknown degree to Karen Cooper."
The name Kouperakis is similar enough to Cooper that I'd be inclined to regard this instead as the name-change it's depicted as in the show.

"Phil Corrigan <Secret Agent X-9, A.J. Martin>"
A.J. Martin is the alias of the pulp character Secret Agent X, not the comic strip character Secret Agent X-9.

"Fabian Cortez, father to Gregorio Cortez."
Considering his apparent age when he debuted, a mere decade the first Spy Kids movie was released, one could assume that he has one of the many age-retardants seen in the WNU. Or that the person who made this connection didn't bother to properly read the article above.

"Martin Crane, grandfather to Frasier Winslow Crane and Niles Crane; descendant of Hugh Crane."
How E.E. Smith's Martin Crane could be Frasier and Niles' grandfather and Hugh Crain from The Haunting's descendant is beyond me. Perhaps he used the same time machine as Nasthalia Luthor.

"Richard <Rick Dangerous>, father of Lara Croft."
Brad Mengel's article dealing with Lara Croft ("Watching the Detectives, or, The Family Tree of Sherlock Holmes") does not identify Richard with Rick Dangerous.


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"Penelope Alice (1919 - ?), mother of Gordon Gray by an unnamed father, grandmother of Laura Webber Spencer."
My friend Henry Zeo Covert is working on a quite different genealogy for Laura Spencer. "

NO! She married Smitty!

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