Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of Wikis and Wold Newton: Part 9

"Reginald "Reggie" Mantle III, son to Reginald "Ricky" Mantle Jr.; father to Dale Cooper by Betty Cooper."
Henry Covert has done some work on Agent Cooper's family tree, none of which involves the denizens of Riverdale.

"Linda Mason, wife to Vincent Benedict and grand-daughter of Perry Mason.
Marnie Mason, wife to Julius Benedict and grand-daughter of Perry Mason.
Marmaduke "Moose" Mason, nephew of Perry Mason."
None of these are mentioned in Dennis Power's research on Perry's genealogy.

"William Grier Professor Henry Jarrod, "The Inventor">, creator/father of Edward Scissorhands."
No author has identified "Pauncho" Van Veelar with either Prof. Jarrod or the Inventor, and while I haven't read the Grandrith/Caliban books yet, a description of Pauncho on the Speculations in Bronze blog (see the list of links on the right hand side) indicates he doesn't really resemble Vincent Price.

"Mark McCain <The Virginian>, son of Lucas McCain."
No article identifies Mark with the Virginian.

"Léon Montana <Victor the Cleaner>, illegitimate and estranged son to Antonio "Tony" Montana by his wife Elvira Hancock; adopted later by Michel Poiccard ."
An opening caption at the beginning of De Palma's Scarface places it explicitly in the 1980s. Perhaps the author wishes us to believe it was an updated version of an event that occurred much earlier, or that The Professional takes place in the future. Or perhaps I'm giving them too much credit.

"Dean, great grandson of James Moriarty."
"Who's Going to Take Over the World When I'm Gone?" by Win Eckert identifies Dean as the Professor's great-nephew.

"Benjamin Newton"
No one has identified Ben as a member of Josh Newton's family tree.

"Julius No (Dr.) <The Mandarin>, son of Fu Manchu; and father to Dr. Zin by the mother of Dr. Thomas Benton Quest."
The Mandarin, unlike Dr. No, has hands. I've already discussed the Fu Manchu connection. The Dr. Zin connection doesn't appear in any article.

"Count Orlok, great grand nephew of Vlad III Dracula, son of Doctor Septimus Pretorius by Countess Elizabeth Bathory."
This is at odds with Dennis Power's theory about the nature of Graf Orlok.


Toby O'B said...

One of the TV movies for Kenny Rogers' character of 'The Gambler', "Luck of the Draw", could be used to contradict that assertion that Mark McCain was 'The Virginian'.

Of course, first it would have to be conjectured that Doug McClure and James Drury were appearing as Trampas and the Virginian, but using the aliases of Doug and Jim.

Later on in that TV movie, once Brady Hawkes was in California, Mark McCain shows up working on a silent movie. At least for my little pocket TV Universe, this means they are two separate individuals.

Sean Levin said...

Yeah, but The Virginian is loosely based on Owen Wister's novel of the same name, where the title character and Trampas are actually enemies, and


Trampas dies at the end of the novel, and the Virginian marries schoolteacher Molly Stark.


I would give more weight to the novel than the TV series, in the WNU anyway. And yes, I am aware of the Gambler film.